Extreme 6-Way Dozer Blade

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Grading has never been so easy! Easily cut a road or level ground for a building. With a reversible and replaceable cutting edge, you get two times the use with our Skid Steer 6 Way Dozer Blade. Simply unbolt the edge and flip it over and you have a new edge to use. Tilt the blade to cut ditches and angle it to push the dirt to either side with the massive cylinders. You are ready to go when it is recieved, nothing else is needed but you and your machine.

Electric over hydraulic valve
Replaceable cutting edge is available
Wire harness included
3/16″ mold board
3-1/2″ x 4″ cylinders
1/2″ edge
Available with universal 8 or 14 pin wiring harness

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