Extreme Stump Grapple

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Our Extreme Duty Stump Grapple is made from 1/2″ top quality plate, 1″ cutting edge, replaceable teeth and 3/8″ hose, you will not find a better built stump grapple on the market. We designed our stump grapple to be the most effective stump grapple built. Wider buckets can take up to 10 times longer to penetrate the roots than our bucket. Think about it, try to shove a 24″ wide bucket in the ground, compared to a 16″ wide bucket. After digging around the stump, use the teeth to cut the tap root and pop it out. The grapple will then enable you to carry the stump to your burn pile, or dump truck instead of having to change attachments.

Made from 1/2″ top quality plate
1″ cutting edge
Replaceable teeth
Easily transports stumps
2″ x 10″ cylinder
3″ x 3/8″ Wear bars

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