Heavy Duty Grapple Bucket

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Our Heavy Duty Grapple Buckets are very versatile attachments, and is a great choice for anyone who owns a skid steer. They easily pick up logs, rocks, left over building supplies, or any other type of debris. They are build with top quality steel, oversized points and bushings, with grease fittings at every point. Tines build in under the bucket reduce the long term wear on your bucket. Cylinders operate independently to adjust for uneven loads and open to 3′ 6″ with a depth of 34″.

Every unit exceeds the lifting capacity of the skid steer machine it is attached to.

2″ bore by 10″ stroke cylinder, rated at 4,000 PSI
Grease fittings at every pivot point
3/4″ thick and 6″ wide cutting edge
Optional bolt on cutting edge

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