Piston Motor Swing Boom Cutter

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Our Swing Boom Cutter is designed for cutting banks, fence lines, and right of ways. It also works great for clearing pond banks and cutting trails.

With a reach of 96″ when extended horizontally and a vertical reach of sixteen feet, it makes clearing unwanted tree limbs less of a hassle. The cutter will also swing to the right and can be used as a side cutter.

A flow of 17-27 gpm is required
Direct drive piston motor with max 4000 PSI
3″ x 16″ tilt cylinders
5/8″ AR400 blades
42″ cut
3″ cutting capacity
Requires a case drain
Available with universal 8 or 14 pin wiring harness
1 Year Warranty does not cover the blades and hoses

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